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Endless Possibilities

For your business. flow is great if you:

Have no software to write your invoices

Let flow handle all the dirty work of compiling and formatting your invoices.

Have multiple lists for your contacts, transactions and documents

Store all data in easy to use database tables.

Have a lot of paperwork

Move to the digital world and unlock the power of running analytics on your data.

flow is Easy.

Visually configure your view and let flow do the database magic in the background.

flow features an intuitive user interface that lets you access your data in a convenient way. All you ever have to understand is how your business information relates. One customer can have multiple orders in your business? Then we can show you one customer for every order and an aggregation of orders for every customer.

flow is Dynamic.

Adjust our application to accommodate your requirements on company and user level

flow boasts a set of innovative features which make it the world's most versatile database application. You can relate any data points in your database with ease and lightning speed.

Dynamic Joins

Dynamically join columns from related tables across multiple levels of your database with a few clicks.

Dynamic aggregations

Aggregate data over multiple levels in the same easy way. Crunch your data in ways never seen before.

Dynamic filters

Select multiple filters from a wide array of filters for every datatype.

Dynamic Views

Combine up to three panels to create your individual view. Modify the interface to perfectly match your data and work style.

A Powerful database solution.

Digitalize your entire business with one elegant interface

From initiatives to invoices, flow offers one interface for all your data and document needs. It is finally time to get rid of these paper processes.

flow is lightning Fast.

Get the database solution that moves as fast as your business does

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Dedicated cloud ressources with automatic backups

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Real time data synchronization for multiple users

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Update up to 100.000 records in less than a second

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